Welcome to Hammersmith Management, your new HOA management company. The following is a list of services Hammersmith provides your association and your Board of Directors:

  • Hammersmith is a resource for your Board and committees for recommendations and assistance.
  • Identifies governing documents in order to meet SB100 and HB1237 (Colorado mandates for HOAs);
  • Identifies discrepancies between Bylaws, supplemental documents, policies and guidelines;
  • Receives homeowners’ questions, comments and complaints, then forwards appropriate items to the Board for action;
  • Offers free seminars to the Board to improve performance;
  • E-mails Board packets for review prior to Board meetings. These contain a management report, financial overview, minutes, agenda, homeowners’ comments and complaints and other documentation.
  • The Community Manager attends various Board meetings, participates in various committee meetings and Board work sessions. The manager also does inspections for violations, facilitates publication of newsletters and “e-blasts”, e-mails the Board, committees, and preferred vendors, and relays any issues from homeowners, Board or committees.
  • Tracks payments, prepares payments for Board signature and publishes financial records.

Hammersmith Management does not make decisions or rules for your association.

Hammersmith implements the decisions made by your Board of Directors and regulates compliance on those rules as directed by your Board.

Hammersmith is an ‘agent’ for the community and serves in a business advisory role to the Board on governance, budgets, collections, construction, financial and covenant compliance issues.