One of our major expenses for the HOA is the cost of irrigation water. We work diligently with homeowners and our maintenance contractor to minimize those expenses.

Attached is a summary of a study done by Colorado Springs Utilities (CSU) of our irrigation system on  22 August. All of the issues identified in the study are well known by Monarch’s irrigation technician; there were no surprises. Bottom line, “Taking into account the many difficulties you faced while reconstructing your property, the irrigation system was in good shape.”

Monarch is frequently on-site repairing breaks and leaks, replacing old nozzles, adjusting for over spray and reprogramming the clocks/ timers. Those are the issues CSU identified for us. In south Parkside, we do have an issue with battery operated valve controllers that do not communicate with the other components of the system. We hope to replace the battery operated controllers next year. Likewise, we hope to replace all the 30 year old spray nozzles in south Parkside and along the perimeter roads.

You’ll notice CSU recommends installing master valves and flow sensors at each point of connection. Those items are indeed installed (in 5 of the 6 zones) but have not been activated.

The study is incomplete because many of the lots are not yet landscaped. When we are completely landscaped (2017), we will ask CSU for a follow-on study that will tell us precisely what our water usage should be. The follow-on study should show additional efficiency adjustments that can be made to the irrigation system.

CSU Study